This is an old project I did when I was first getting into web development. The PHP server hosting the API is now gone, but I kept a read-only version of the site for posterity.

The Complaint Jar

What the hell is that ?

Life is hard. We all know it. So from time to time we must complain to somebody, anybody. People used to do that on the phone, now they do that on facebook. But there's a new way of doing so.

This Complaint Jar is a way of putting your rage and frustration away for everybody to see (or read). You just write your rant here, and we make sure it reaches all of the interwebz, because when you're frustrated, it's better when everybody knows about it.

So here you go, channel your frustration, put a penny in the jar, and start complaining away !

The Jar

Now at $359

From 787 donations

Okay, your turn now !

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